Oxford Tri Bingo

To help get the club out of hibernation, have a little fun and to show our appreciation for all the efforts of those in the NHS we would like to announce Oxford Tri (Training) Bingo.

The idea is simple, we encourage you to donate something to Oxford Hospital Charity and for that you get a personalised bingo card with 25 training activities on it.

You then complete the activities aiming to get lines across your board (or if you are really brave complete the lot) in the month of May.

We will create/find/beg and steal a small collections of awesome bespoke Oxford Tri prizes and will award these, probably to the first person to complete a line and the board but also likely for whatever over reasons we feel like at the total discretion of Jon, Kathy and Nathan!

Oxford Hospitals Charity

The Oxford Hospitals Charity aims to deliver a standard of service above the level that NHS funding alone allows. The registered charity (1175809) helps enhance the environment of its Oxford and Banbury hospital sites; nearly every ward and department across these hospitals has benefitted from the charity. Through the pandemic, staff were provided with free, healthy meals every day thanks to generous donations, all organised by the Oxford Hospitals Charity. They listen to the needs of the staff and patients, and understand that it is often the small things that make a big difference.

Sample Card (but everyone will be different layout)

The practical  

So you are in. Great! Donate however little or much you want to the charity (https://www.hospitalcharity.co.uk/donate/staffsupport/15/credit-card ) and then email secretary@oxfordtri.uk. I’ll set up and send you a link to your bingo card (ok it’s a google sheet!). Fill it in as you complete the activities starting May 14th, post updates and have fun.

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