Indoor Cycling

Outdoor Cycling

We normally do group rides each Sunday morning through the year, starting and finishing at Oxsrad.

Each ride has an organiser who has planned the route and will pace the ride so it’s suitable for everyone in the group. The rides usually last between 3 and 5 hours with some stops for refueling, perhaps even a café stop. We’ll let members know by email ahead of time what their choices are in terms of Sunday rides: what the average speed is likely to be and how far over what sort of terrain.

You don’t need to be experienced in group riding – we’ll help you out until you get the hang of it. But please prepare for the ride by paying attention to the following:

  • Read the Oxford Tri Group Riding Etiquette (See below).
  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy. A good way to do this is to carry out an “M” check.
  • Make sure you have your helmet, otherwise you won’t be able to ride with the group.
  • Look at the weather forecast and select appropriate clothing.
  • Carry with you food and drink appropriate to the conditions and duration.
  • Carry with you a kit to change a tube in case you have a puncture.

You can also check out a more comprehensive What to Bring With You On a Group Ride. (See Below)

If you find you are struggling with the pace of the ride, let the group organiser know. He or she might be able to split the group. At the least, everyone will be able to look out for you. Sometimes feeling the pace is caused by not having enough fuel, so you’re encouraged to eat and drink at regular intervals. Another way of making things easier is to move to the back of the group (but not right at the back) to enable you to get maximum benefit from drafting. 

Oxford Tri rides are almost always “no dropping” rides unless the ride has been advertised as one with dropping.

Oxford Tri group rides are a great way to get to know your fellow triathletes. We hope you’ll see them as more than just a training opportunity!