Breaking Barriers in Triathlon

Mike Dunmore

Named in recognition of the late Mike Dunmore, founder of Oxford Tri. The Dunmore Fund will provide funds to support Oxford Tri and/or its individual members with the aim reduce barriers for participation in the sport of triathlon, any of its disciplines (Swim, Bike, Run) or other multi-sport events. 

The fund seeks to support applications which align with one or multiple OxfordTri club values. These are to INCLUDE, EMPOWER, TOGETHER

We are particularly interested in supporting members or initiatives which relate to the following themes as outlined in our 2025 Strategy: 

  • Opportunity 
  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Sustainability 

Applications with themes outside of this will still be considered but may have a reduced chance of being successful.  

The fund will be open for individuals to apply for club-based initiatives or personal support throughout the year. We do have a limited amount of funds and if these are used up the Fund will close until a time where more funding has become available. Applications will be reviewed on a bi-monthly basis by a selection of individuals as appointed by the OxfordTri committee. 

The money which makes up this fund has been donated specifically to this fund or attained by the club through fundraising events or applications for funding through external organisations and funds. This fund is ring fenced separately from the wider operational running’s costs of Oxford Tri. 

*We are currently finalising the application process*