Trial Membership

Give it a Tri! We offer trial membership to all prospective members, allowing you to attend as many of our sessions* you desire within a 2 week period before joining our fantastic club. Prior to signing up please take a look at our training calendar and think about sessions that you would like to attend*. You can sign up for them a week in advanced. 

  • Once you have thought about the sessions you would like to attend, please sign up for Trail Membership using your name and TM after your surname (for example Smith TM) and a temporary membership profile will be activated allowing you 2 weeks of online access to our session signups*.

When attending a session as a trial member, we ask that you make yourself known to the coach before the start of the session. 

We hope that you enjoy training with us and all of our very friendly members.

*Please note for safety there is a maximum capacity for all our sessions. As part of this we are limited to a maximum just 2 trial members per session. Additionally we are unable to offer “Lake Swims” for trial members.

Please contact us to arrange a trial membership or join today