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Oxford Tri Terms and Conditions for Club Membership 2021

  1. Constitution: Membership of Oxford Tri is subject to the club’s constitution.
  2. Safety and equipment: Because the safe participation in activities is the Club’s first priority, I hereby agree at all times to use my best endeavours to train and compete in a safe and proper manner, and I will not to do anything which would expose myself or fellow Club members to unnecessary risk or injury. I agree to maintain my personal equipment and property in good working order, and to ensure that I am self-sufficient as regards my nutrition, hydration and spares for bike adjustment and repair. I further undertake to inform the coaches and/ or duty Safety Officer of any concerns I may have with regard to safety.
  3. Fitness to train: I confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise, and that my level of fitness and experience are appropriate to the activities in which I choose to participate. By signing up and attending Club sessions I hereby certify that I am sufficiently physically fit and well to attend the session in question, and that I have not been informed by any medical practitioner and I do not have any knowledge of any medical condition which would make it inadvisable for me to participate in that session. I agree to comply with the reasonable requests of Club coaches and Welfare Officer.
  4. Health and injuries: If my health changes at any time, I understand that it is my responsibility to cease or modify my training and consult my doctor as to whether it is safe for me to continue training. 
  5. Data and regulation: By agreeing to these terms and conditions I hereby confirm that I am over the age of 18, have provided accurate and complete contact and emergency contact information, and will keep my details updated in the event of any change. I hereby consent to my personal data being used by Oxford Tri in order to administer my membership, and to participate in Club sessions. If I do not wish images of myself for training or promotional purposes to be taken, I will inform the Club in advance. Oxford Tri are currently required by British Triathlon Federation (our governing body and insurance provider) to store details of attendees for Covid-19 track and trace purposes for at least 21 days following each session. If someone subsequently tests positive for Covid-19 we will provide names and contact details of attendees to the NHS track and trace service as requested. The sign up list on the website will be the means of tracking this so if you sign up for a session and are unable to attend it is important that you remove your name from the sign up list prior to the session. This is a condition of attendance at club sessions until further notice.
  6. Code of Conduct: I hereby agree to comply with all Oxford Tri rules and regulations, and the Code of Conduct annexed to these Terms and Conditions of Membership.
  7. Exclusion of liability: Other than for personal injuries caused by negligence of Oxford Tri, any liability and losses suffered as a result in my participation in any Oxford Tri activity are excluded to the fullest extent possible by law, however caused. Oxford Tri and the venues we use cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings while at training sessions. 
  8. Law and jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and subject to the laws of England and Wales, and any disputes shall be determined by the appropriate court in England and Wales.

Code of Conduct

All individuals engaged in any activity within Oxford Tri will, at all times: 

  • Be patient, courteous and respectful of others at all times
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, treating everyone equally within the context of the sport. 
  • Respect the spirit of the sport adhering to the rules and laws on and off the field of play, incorporating the concept of friendship and respect for others. 
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport and never condone the use of inappropriate or abusive language, inappropriate relationships, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence, illegal gambling, performance enhancing drugs or conduct that may be construed as unethical. 
  • Accept responsibility for their own behaviour 
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others. 
  • Promote the reputation of the sport and never behave or encourage or condone others to behave in a manner that is liable to bring the sport, Oxford Tri or BTF into disrepute.
  • Ensure that information provided by Oxford Tri has been read and fully understood before engaging with training sessions or events.
  • Only enter a training session, activity or event if they feel well enough to do so and doing so will pose no risk to others.

In regard to the current Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Adhere to any Government and BTF guidance, which will supersede this Code of Conduct 
  • Not enter a training session, activity or event if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate under the current government guidance or have been contacted by the NHS and asked to quarantine, even if no symptoms are displayed. 
  • Observe social distancing and face mask requirements at all times during training, activity and events. 

As Oxford Tri is a club affiliated to British Triathlon Federation, Oxford Tri adopts the following policies within this Code of Conduct:

Any breaches of this Code of Conduct shall be dealt with in accordance with the Oxford Tri Complaints policy.

Version 2021 1.0 Last Updated 23/12/2020

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