Nick Wenban-Smith


Following a fortnight in hospital with severe pneumonia which left me with reduced lung capacity I resolved to get fitter. I got back into regular running, and bought a road bike just as Bradley Wiggins was inspiring us with his Tour win in 2012. My triathlon initiation was via the standard route of a charity place in the Blenheim triathlon in 2013, putting my hired wetsuit on for the first time the morning of the race. I really loved the experience and joined Oxford Tri a year later to improve my swimming. Although I was too scared to go to any swim sessions for my first year as a member … 

Fast forward to today and I am a relatively competitive age grouper, have done five full (ironman) distance triathlons, and can give the youngsters a run for their money in a bike time trial. The swimming is still a work in progress!

I am completely passionate about the benefits of the sport at all levels, both from a physical and mental health perspective, and am super proud to be chair of the club. 

Lucy Dighton


I am a relative newcomer to triathlon compared to a lot of the committee having taken it up 3 years ago to prove to my daughter that it wasn’t just boys that do triathlon. The original plan was to train enough to get through a super sprint distance and then move on with life. However I ended up hooked and loved my first middle distance triathlon this year. Now training for going long at Roth next year.

Nathan Blake

Lead Coach


I cherish the moments when I can swim, cycle or run which I slip into my daily routines. I’m a Dad, husband, IT delivery manager, triathlete and I run a small triathlon coaching business as well as coaching at this amazing club. My coaching philosophy is to support and encourage an active, healthy and energetic lifestyle, challenge yourself and have a laugh on the way. Set a goal and give it a whirl, if you don’t try you’ll never know. Now get out there and have a blast!

Jon Marsden


I came to Triathlon in 2016 and complete my first middle distance in 2017, joining Ox Tri shortly after. Training with the club is good fun and has certainly increased the range of training I do and made it far more enjoyable. Any questions email me and I’ll be happy to answer.

Georgette Broughton

Committee Member & Covid Officer

I thought I was an ultra-runner, who swam and biked for ‘recovery’ and ‘strength’. I entered my first sprint triathlon in May 2019 – and didn’t come last (which was surprising as I did nearly drown in the swim!). Deciding that all three sports consecutively was both challenging and enjoyable, I joined Oxford Tri shortly after and have really benefited from the coaching and encouragement the club offers. After being the Membership Secretary (2019-2021), I’m pleased to continue on the committee this year as the Covid Officer . Since July 2020, BTF introduced the role of Club COVID Officer responsible for all COVID-19 matters for the club and responsible for liaising with key stakeholders and other organisations in relation to the club’s response to COVID-19.

Katie McDonald

Social Secretary

Having enjoyed swimming, cycling and running as casual hobbies for a number of years, I finally decided to mash them all together by taking part in Blenheim Triathlon in June 2019. A month later I joined OxfordTri, a club which quite literally changed my life. The club not only brought structure, training and goal-setting to my hobby, but it has also thrown me into a diverse network of wonderful club members, many of whom I now call friends.

When I’m not doing something triathlon related, I work full time as a Pharmacy Technician in the NHS. Triathlon has brought balance and purpose to my previously haphazard life outside of work, and provides me with an opportunity to really switch off when I leave the office. There is never any pressure to attend sessions, but be warned- it’s addictive!

When asked if I’d be interested in the roles of Social Secretary and Publicity Officer, I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give back to a club which has given so much to me. I look forward to welcoming members, old and new, to OxfordTri. Hope to see you at a session soon!

Sarah Spruytenburg

Club Captain

I’ve been doing triathlons on and off for nearly 10 years now so I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge along the way.  But as a triathlon career summary: In my very first triathlon my bike fell apart and I ended up in a bush and the last triathlon I competed in at the end of 2018 was for my country in the European middle distance championships in Ibiza, so it’s been a journey for sure and lots of laughs along the way.

I’m a big believer in you get out what you put in and with OxfordTri I’m happy to try to put in as much time as I can because it’s the most amazing club and I’m incredibly proud to be part of it.  I’m on the committee and am one of the club captains and sorry yes you will also see my mug on the membership card 🙂 Please feel free to ask me anything about the club etc..

Zara Hannoun

Membership Secretary

It all started with a run, followed by a few more runs and then an easy bike ride, then a few harder bike rides and oh why not… might as well swim now… and that is how I started doing triathlons. It is a slippery slope from doing a few triathlons to not being able to live without them 😀 Joining the OxfordTri Club just made the whole experience even better!