Weekly Update 9 April 2021

Hi Everyone

It seems winter isn’t quite yet done and with several frosts this week the water temperature at Dorchester Sailing Club has gone down, meaning no open water swimming this weekend. But that lake is shallow and does warm up very quickly in the longer sunny days and so I’m optimistic for next weekend – keep watching for updates!

There’s a more general feeling of the whole country now coming gradually out of hibernation with the gyms and swimming pools (and pubs!) opening again next week. There’s still another month to wait before we can run indoor club sessions again but we’ve already got confirmation from Radley that we’re getting our old long Wednesday evening swim lanes back and we’re firming up with other venues in the coming weeks. As I have said many times before, with the uncertainties and difficulties of operating in an economically viable manner, many pools and sports are going to struggle. This in turn creates a systemic shortage of pool space and reduced capacity which we are all acutely aware is one of the key strategic issues for us as a Club. That is part of the reasoning behind making some strategic investments in open water swimming safety equipment and training for volunteers which we agreed at the April committee meeting last Monday. We hope to offer more of these popular sessions this season with much less risk of Covid closure and more capacity quickly available.

Welcome to several new members this week – great to see as we move out of lockdown. Don’t forget to check our updated Covid guidance here.

Finally as races in the calendar DON’T get cancelled or postponed, good luck to everybody racing in the Chilly Duathlon on Sunday. This is the first race in this year’s Club champs series. Take a look at the schedule and put in some targets to train towards.

Any questions, as ever just ping me.

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. Sign up is now compulsory for all sessions please.

Sunday 11 April: Virtual rides 9:00

Sunday 11 April: Sunday Club Rides 9:00 and 9:15

Sunday 11 April: Lockdown Quiz 19:45

Monday 12 April: Static Bike 18:30

Tuesday 13 April: Flex and HIITS 07:30

Tuesday 13 April: Yoga for Triathletes 18:30

Wednesday 14 April: Flex and HIITS 18:00

Thursday 15 April: Strength & Conditioning 19:00

Thursday 15 April: Track 19:00

Friday 16 April: Turbo from home 18:45

Saturday 17 April: Open Water Swim @ Dorchester Lake 08:00 (subject to temp!)

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