Weekly Update 4 September 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s September now and with the days now getting shorter and cooler there’s definitely a back to school feeling in the air. However lots of good things still to look forward to in the remainder of the season and finally a few days of dry and warm settled weather for the last few evening rides of the year. Fingers crossed for the many Club members racing and volunteering at Bowood on 12 Sept (I’m sure Katie would always welcome any more volunteers, a great way to support the Club and to see the action up close, and get a free t-shirt too I’m told!).

We have the September committee meeting on Monday and we are already looking forward to planning for next year and new committee election process. There are definitely some vacancies coming up so if you are interested in helping out with running the Club then feel free to drop me a pm. It would be especially great if some of the newer members got involved (hint hint!). And if anyone wants to know what it feels like to have their hands on the reins of power then there’s always the role of Chair, I know that no-one is indispensable …

With the still weather and increasing numbers of geese the Dorchester lake has been recording small but consistent bacteria levels in the past week, so that’s probably going to be it for our open water swim sessions for the season. Huge thanks to Liz for going down and testing (and re-testing!) the water quality so that we know we are staying safe and clean.

However starting on 13 September we have our very popular turbo from home sessions with Alain. And yes we are all still eagerly awaiting positive news from the local sports centres about further swimming lanes becoming available.

Any questions, as ever just ping me.

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. Sign up and familiarisation with Covid guidance is now compulsory for all sessions please.

Sunday 5 September: Sunday Club Rides, meet @ Oxsrad 09:15

Tuesday 7 September: Online Yoga for Triathletes 18:30

Wednesday 8 September: Radley Swim 19:30

Thursday 9 September: Track 19:00

Friday 10 September: Kidlington Swim 19:00

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