Weekly Update 28 January 2022

Hi Everyone

Good news in that we are very pleased to announce a new weekly swim session!!

This will be at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis centre in Abingdon, Mondays at 9pm. Our Headington Monday night swims were always very popular (remember pre-covid?) so we are hopeful that these will be too. It’s a different venue and an hour later but it has been very hard to secure any venues (still waiting for answers from Leys) but we continue to ask. We’ve booked three months initially and will review depending on use and take up. Please bear with us as we’ve done this at quite short notice and taken an opportunistic chance tbh, but please use it or lose it … Sign up here, with sign ups opening 48 hours before as per usual. Massive thanks to Coaches Nick T and Nathan for all their hard work and persistence in setting this up for us.

The longest coldest and most miserable month of the year is now nearly done, so well done everybody and even more so for those who’ve managed a dry January – final Friday today, yay!

Any questions, as ever just ping me.

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. Sign up and familiarisation with Covid guidance is now compulsory for all sessions please.

Sunday 30 January: Sunday virtual rides on Zoom @ 09:00

Sunday 30 January: Sunday Club rides Oxsrad @ 09:15

Monday 31 January: Turbo from home @ 18:45

Monday 31 January: Swim lanes Abingdon @ 21:00 NEW SESSION!!

Tuesday 1 February: Yoga for Triathletes @ 18:30

Tuesday 1 February: Static bike Oxsrad @ 18:30

Wednesday 2 February Swim lanes Radley @ 19:30

Thursday 3 February: Track Horspath Athletic Grounds @ 19:00

Friday 4 February: Swim lanes Kidlington @ 19:00

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