Kelly’s XC Army, Friday Morning S&C, Session Sign Ups…

Hello OxfordTri Family!

I hope that this finds you well and that you have had a great week despite the weather being a bit cold and wet. It’s been so encouraging to see almost all of our sessions this week full or being almost full. With that a little ask from me. If you know you are not going to make it or are feeling slightly under the weather please think about your fellow member and consider if you need to drop out of the session. Doing this in a timely manner gives your fellow members the greatest opportunity to fill that space. Thanks!

Also, a big welcome to a number of new members who have joined over the past two weeks. We are so delighted that you have joined the OxfordTri Family. We are now only a few members away from breaking 200 which is an incredible achievement considering the past couple of years that the club has gone through.

That’s all from me at the moment, I hope that you have a great week and I look forward to seeing you at some sessions soon.

God Bless


Kelly’s XC Army

Kelly’s Cross Country Army continues to grow ahead of round 2 of the Oxfordshire Cross Country League. Why not join in the fun (Mud included), we’ve had another handful more sign up to join us since we included this shout out last week! … the next race is on the 3rd December in Cirencester where we can promise more mud, cake and hopefully sausage rolls. This is open for all members, no matter how fast you are we would love if you could join us. We’ve plenty people offering lifts to and from the race if that’s a possible issue too.

Sign Up before the 24th of November using the following links: 

EA Membership –

OXON Race Entry (Remaining 4 Races) –

Friday Morning Strength and Conditioning

After the success of this mornings newly timed Strength and Conditioning we have agreed that we are going to continue them through till the end the end of the year as a minimum. These are great sessions to build up all round strength and vital for injury prevention. We realise its early but what better way to start the day. Why not sign up for next week here –

Session Sign Ups

Just a little reminder that sign up for the sessions open 7 days before the session starts. This means that if you miss out on one due to it being full you have an hour head start on those who are currently in the session. We know that there are people who set alarms etc to ensure that they don’t miss out so perhaps think about what works best for you.

OxfordTri Training Camp

We are gauging interest in a club training camp for next spring.
Ideally we’d love you to add your preferences and comments to the Facebook post which is pinned to the top of the Facebook OxfordTri Group:

But we are aware not all use it so you can reply back to with your preferences and any suggestions.

We believe the closer to the actual racing season the better but others may have different thoughts. Also we are conscious Easter holidays is unlikely to be popular with the majority (it’s also more expensive) so excluded that as a date option, comment if that’s not the case. If there’s lots of interest then nothing is fully off the table. Various locations being considered, Majorca, Girona and Lanzarote looking good.

So IF you’re ‘likely‘ to join us (understand this depends on final dates) please would you select your preferred dates below and preferred location.

You can select multiple dates and venues if you don’t have a preference.

Cost wise, it will be pretty similar to last year for a 5 night trip which was about £500 for flights and accommodation plus about £300 for food, bikes, transfers, airport parking etc. This all depends on where and when. We’ve looked into numerous options and it all varies. Additionally, the longer we leave it the more flight prices increase and the availability of venues decreases which is why we are trying to get the commitment now.

Dates (5 nights)

Between 13th-28th March
Between 13th-24th April

Between 24th-6th May (inc Bank holiday)
Between 7th-24th May


Please place votes on the Facebook poll or reply to

Meet the Committee

We Continue our meet the committee series with Eleanor and Stuart, check them out below!

Training Calendar 

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. 

Saturday 18th November: Oxford Tri Does Parkrun – Various  @ 09:00

Monday 20th November: Coached Swim – Leys Pool @ 20:00

Tuesday 21st November: Member Lead Social Run – Headington Hill @ 19:00

Tuesday 21st November: Coached Spin – Oxsrad @ 19:00

Tuesday 21st November: Coached Swim – Thame Pool @ 20:00

Wednesday 22nd November: Coached Swim – Radley Pool @ 19:30

Thursday 23rd November: Coached Run – Horspath Track @ 19:00

Friday 24th November: Strength and Conditioning Online @ 06:30

Friday 24th November: Coached Swim – Kidlington Pool @ 19:00

Friday 24th November: Coached Spin – Iffley Sports Centre @ 19:00

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