Oxford Tri Club Triathlon Update

Good evening Oxford Tri Family, 

As promised here is the update regarding the Oxford Triathlon Club Tri. Firstly, apologies that the Newsletter last week was rather cryptic. Transparency is incredibly important to me thus I felt that I couldn’t leave it without saying anything especially after the newsletter from the week before.

Last night, as a committee we have spent a significant time weighing up the pros and cons if it is viable for the triathlon to go ahead in May. As highlighted in the newsletter last week, this triathlon will go ahead. We have come to an agreement that as a committee we feel it best that we postpone the triathlon until later in the year, hopefully September. I feel I represent the committee when I say that although it feels like a small setback at the moment, we feel that this extra time will help us to ensure that this event is delivered at the highest standard with the greatest opportunity for all athletes to take part. We hope to have a new date shared with you as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your continued support we can’t wait to make this Triathlon a reality with you our club family as part of it. 

Have a great week with work and training. 

God Bless




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