Weekly Update 20 February 2021

Hi Everyone

Finally some nice warm weather! I hope everyone is well, and getting out and exercising is keeping you sane (more or less!). It does certainly feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel and that restrictions might be easing in the next few weeks now which will allow us to have some group rides and outdoor sessions at least.

It was great on Tuesday to hear from James Potts (Loughborough Uni) about the importance of nutrition in keeping us healthy and in optimum condition to train and compete. As a bit of a sceptic for diets and fads I might even start taking on vitamin D supplements and track my carbs and protein a bit more closely (written as I eat my curry takeaway with a glass of red wine …)

Well done to all competitors taking on the 5th virtual BaRTT this morning, some great times and cracking progress on previous efforts. Racing this season might well again be a few domestic events with limited numbers with social distancing but we are going to be much more race fit than other clubs who have put their whole programme on hold.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey for preferences on additional sessions. Great participation and input! Looks like some pilates/ S&C in the mornings or early evening is going to be the ask for the coaching team. We will look to accommodate those preferences, so watch this space.

Any questions, as ever just ping me.

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. Sign up is now compulsory for all sessions please, although there’s no limits capacity constraints for the numbers.

Sunday 21 January: Virtual rides 9:00

Monday 22 February: Static bike from home 18:30

Thursday 25 February: Online Strength & Conditioning 19:00

Friday 26 February: Turbo from home 18:45

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