Weekly Update 17 December 2022

Hi everyone

Last week of official training for 2022 … where has all the time gone?!

Despite all the work parties and school socials, your Club still is providing a full week of training for working off all the mince pies – fill your boots people!

Only one announcement this week which is in relation to the Cross Country teams.

Firstly well done to the Ladies A team who are storming the Division 2 leaderboard with a third and second in the first two rounds … sounds like first place next time then! In fact that would be apposite since the next event is at our home turf at Horspath on 8th January. For those who have been a bit on the fence so far, it’s not too late to contribute to the Club totals, and no better time to dial in your New Year resolutions. The deadline to participate is 30th December so don’t be shy, especially the men, we need to step up a bit here. There is the promise of a social lunch afterwards … just saying! Kudos to team Captain Kelly and Social Sec Zara for organising.

Finally on behalf of the Committee I wish all members and their families a very peaceful and healthy Christmas break.

Best wishes

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links.

Monday 19 December: Turbo from home @ 18:45

Monday 19 December: Coached Swim Lanes Abingdon pool @ 20:30

Tuesday 20 December: Static bike Oxsrad @ 18:30

Tuesday 20 December: Tuesday Social South Park Run @ 19:00

Tuesday 20 December: Coached Swim Lanes Thame @ 20:00

Wednesday 21 December: Coached Swim Lanes Radley Pool @ 19:30

Thursday 22 December: Track Horspath Athletic Grounds @ 19:00

Friday 23 December: Strength and Conditioning at Home @ 08:00

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