Weekly Update 12 March 2022

Hi Everyone

Now we are back up to four weekly swim sessions with the addition of Thame it’s starting to feel a bit more like business as usual in the Club. Another piece of good news is that things are looking promising for us to have a dedicated open water session at Queenford lake starting in May – will keep everybody posted on that front.

Following on from the final race last Sunday, a big thank you and kudos to all of our cross-country runners, coordinators, volunteer helpers, and supporters. It really is a proper team event and very inclusive with every result helping the Club’s total score, and so it’s definitely not just for the speedy runners. Thanks to Kelly for volunteering to help coordinate teams and registration with Athletics England next season. The willingness of many people, whether coaches, committee members and others to step up and help in so many ways makes running the Club an absolute pleasure – all part of the ethos and culture of the Club, you guys rock!

Magic5 goggles partnership: The committee is always on the look out for new opportunities to search out multisport tech and gain partnerships and discounts for Club members. Thanks to Grace’s initiative we’ve secured a new partnership with Magic5 swim goggles, enabling members to access a whopping 35% discount on state of the art custom made swim goggles. For more information and discount codes see the partnerships and discounts page on the Club website (members only!).

The days are rapidly getting warmer and longer day by day, short sleeves and suncream coming up soon now.

Have a great week!

Nick Wenban-Smith – chair@oxfordtri.co.uk

Training Calendar

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. Sign up and familiarisation with Covid guidance is now compulsory for all sessions please.

Sunday 13 March: Virtual rides @ 09:00

Sunday 13 March: Sunday Club rides Oxsrad @ 09:15

Monday 14 March: Turbo from home @ 18:45

Monday 14 March: Swim lanes Abingdon @ 21:00

Tuesday 15 March: Static bike Oxsrad @ 18:30

Tuesday 15 March: Swim Lanes Thame pool @ 20:00 NEW!!

Wednesday 16 March Swim lanes Radley @ 19:30

Thursday 17 March: Track Horspath Athletic Grounds @ 19:00

Friday 18 March: Swim lanes Kidlington @ 19:00

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