The Final XC – with a twist!

Just like that, it’s almost time for the final Cross Country!

Before we get into the details, we’re required to provide our last volunteer for the season, any volunteers?

So, what’s the twist? This year, after the main races, the league are trialing a Cross Country Relay. The relay will be 4x1600m, 2 women and 2 men and start at 1:20. I will be notifying the lucky 4 (plus 2 reserves) this week!

Main Race Details

Date: 6th March


Venue: Henley Show ground

Distance: 7-9km

Mud Level: Highly likely! (Just ask Sarah)

Start Time:

8      11:20        U20/Sen/Vet Men          7-9000m

9      12:00        U20/Sen/Vet Women        7-9000m

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