Membership Fee Adjustment, Festive Social Runs and S&C andCross Country Round 3 and

Hello OxfordTri Family!

I hope that this finds you well. There’s lots in this email so I’m also going to keep this brief. I’m also aware that I’ve sent a lengthy email out with regards to an adjustment in our membership fees so you’ve had a lot of me today. What I would say is if you have not already read that email then please do take some time to do so, there’s a summary and links to the email in this newsletter below. I have been incredibly grateful for the committees help and understanding throughout this process and I hope you will see why in my email.

As always if there’s ever anything you would like to bring to my attention please don’t hesitate to reach out.

God Bless


Membership Fee Adjustment

This afternoon OxfordTri members received an email from Craig our Chair highlighting the committees decision to adjust our Membership Fees under our current membership structure. This means that as of the 1st of January 2024 out membership price will change from £120 to £150.

The committee have taken this decision as part of a wider financial strategy to navigate the club towards financial stability while pursuing our vision to INCLUDE, EMPOWER, TOGETHER as set out in our 2025 Strategy.

The email in full can be found below along with our 2024 Budget.

If any member has concerns or questions around this membership adjustment having read both the Membership Fee Statement and our 2024 Budget then please don’t hesitate to reach out to Craig via his email

OxfordTri Festive Social Runs and S&C

Boxing Day – Kathy and Jon

Want to recover from too much food or escape the visitors…. well, everyone (including family etc) is welcome to an easy boxing day run at 10am round Bagley Woods running from Kathy and Jon’s house in Kennington. Bacon butties or coffee and pasteries afterwards (sign up or let us know). Aiming for an easy social run sort of pace.

The meeting location will be emailed out to all those who have signed up on the 24/12. 

You can sign up here –

Post-Christmas Strength and Conditioning (Open to Non-Members) – Sean

We all know that feeling of slightly over indulging in the over the Christmas period and as a result we are delighted to share that our Lead Coach Sean will be running a slightly later than normal online strength and conditioning session to help combat the impact of those mince pies.

We have also decided that the session will be open to non-members so as a result do think about if there is anyone you would like to invite along and like and share any stuff that we share on social media if possible.

New Years Day (Open to Non-Members) – Craig

Recover from the festive feasts, escape the house, or recce the Cross Country Round 3 course with our easy Boxing Day run! Led by Craig, join us at 10 AM in the Homebase Carpark at Shotover. We’ll loop around Shotover up to the top carpark and then back down for come coffee and cake afterwards

This event will also be open to non-members so feel free to bring along friends and family. Under 18s are more than welcome to join us as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. They should be able to run 5km at an easy pace. Again if you can think of anyone who would be interested in joining why not invite them to come along.

OxfordTri Goes Cross Country Round 3 Horspath 7th of January 2024

All Kelly wants for Christmas is for more OxfordTri members to join his OxfordTri cross country army. Is that you?

Why not start off the year in seasonal mud and glory? We have our closest race of the year at Shotover on 7th January. With three races to go, it’s your last chance to enter the amazing Oxford Tri XC competitions …… come and join in the muddy fun …. deadline day for entry is 29th December …….. but if you’re transferring from another club, the sooner the better.

Craig has volunteered to Marshal on the day however it would be hugely appreciated if someone else was able to as this would enable him to race representing the club. If you can please let us know at

You can sign up to Join the OxfordTri cross country army for Round 3 at Horspath by following the links below

EA Membership –…/england-athletics…/

Entry to the remaining 4 XC races –

Training Calendar 

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. 

Saturday 16th December: Oxford Tri Does Parkrun – Various  @ 09:00

Monday 18th December: Coached Swim – Leys Pool @ 20:00

Tuesday 19th December: Member Lead Social Run – Headington Hill @ 19:00

Tuesday 19th December: Coached Spin – Oxsrad @ 19:00

Tuesday 19th December: Coached Swim – Thame Pool @ 20:00

Wednesday 20th December: Coached Swim – Radley Pool @ 19:30

Thursday 21st December: Coached Run – Horspath Track @ 19:00

Friday 22nd December: Strength and Conditioning Online @ 06:30

Friday 22nd December: Coached Swim – Kidlington Pool @ 19:00

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