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Good Evening Oxford Tri Family, 

I hope that this finds you all well and that you have had a great week. I am super excited to be racing this weekend at Queenford with so many fellow Oxford Tri members signed up, 22 in total!! Also on another note I was fortunate to be coaching at track last night and it was so lovely to see some new faces. I hope that you will agree that there are lots of good things going on at the moment.

With out committee meeting next week there isn’t a huge amount of club related information in this edition however can I encourage you to get in touch if you feel like there is anything that we need to consider as a committee. I have already had a few people reach out with some things which we will discuss on Monday.

Anyway that’s all from me. I hope you have a great weekend.

God Bless 


Kidlington Swim Sessions

This is a notification that our Friday night sessions at Kidlington have now stopped for a summer break. Over the past number of weeks we have monitored the attendance at this session which has dropped significantly. As a club we can’t justify running our sessions when numbers are so low. We recognise that this will be disappointing for the few that were regularly attending however we hope that you will appreciate the consideration taken with regards to this decision.

Dambuster Triathlon Race Report – Jane

I arrived Sat afternoon feeling a little lonesome as no Ian with me. The 1st person I see looking at the site map I spoke to ask if she’d sorted the registration etc. Her reply

“ Did you coach last night at Kidlington – I’m Hannah the new Ox Tri member” . Neither of us could believe the co-incidence but it was a lovely co-incidence sharing the race experience with her.

Rutland Water is a vast expanse of water in the Leicestershire countryside and an ideal situation for a triathlon ( I know lots of Oxford Tri have done Vitruvian there so you’ll know what I mean). Although it was a roasting hot day the large expanse of water was still only 19 degrees – lovely on such a warm morning. The closed road bike was a bit of a faff ( too many dead turns in an attempt to keep road closures to the minimum) but the run along the lake was beautiful with goats to keep us company if we felt we needed it! I was super happy to get my best 10k run for 3 years ( just over 49 mins …remember I am old!) and get 1st place 😊. Hannah had a great race and just misses out on a podium but it was super competitive in her age group.

It was obviously lovely to be a National AG champ but meeting up with Hannah made the weekend so much more enjoyable. I guess that’s what racing with colleagues is all about!

Oxford Tri 2025 Strategy

We thought that this would be a good opportunity to re-share our Oxford Tri 2025. As a committee on the Monday the 3rd of July we will be meeting as a committee to review our progress as a club and look towards the future. As part of this we created this Strategy which we use as a foundation to guide our decisions. If you would like to feedback on your experiences of the club or any ideas that you think would help us improve in the future then please don’t hesitate to let us know via the email address or speak to a member of the committee directly.

Inter Services Standard Triathlon – Queensford – Wed 5th of July 2023

One of our amazing coaches Emily is helping organise a Triathlon on the 5th of July. It’s a 1km open water swim, a scenic, fast yet challenging 35km bike route and a flat 7.5km run (The same course as the Oxfordshire Tri staring a little later in the day though).

If you would like to race you can sign up via the BTF Triathlon using the following link –

Also they are on the lookout for some marshals to help run the event. Please do consider supporting our armed services is you are free and available on this day. If you would like more information please email

Training Calendar 

See the official calendar for full info and sign up links. 

Saturday 1st June: Open Water Swim – Queensford Lake @ 08:00

Monday 3rd June: Coached Swim – Abingdon @ 20:30

Tuesday 4th June: Member Lead Social Run – Headington Hill @ 19:00

Tuesday 4th June: Coached Swim – Thame Pool @ 20:00

Wednesday 5th  June: Open Water Swim – Queensford Lake @ 19:00

Thursday 6th June: Coached Run Session – Horspath Athletic Track @ 19:00

Friday 7th June: Strength and Conditioning Online @ 07:15

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