Covid-19 – Return to Action

Return to play!

Within 3 hours of BTF announcing the new return to play guidelines we’re back up and running! The updated guidance is more or less the same as before with a few additions worth highlighting:

  • Track & Trace – You will now be required to scan the venues QR codes. The coaches will have some for track and social sessions
  • Tier 3 – Unfortunately no member can attend a training session if they have to cross tiers. i.e Tier 3 to Tier 3 
  • No swimming in Tier 3 – Should we move to tier 3 we’re unable to run swim sessions. Remember the Radley & Kidlington are in a different catchment areas to Oxford.
  • Remember: Hands, Face, Space

For those who want to read up on the guidance:…/our-return-to-swim…

Our Covid-19 Page has also been updated with the latest information

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