Club Relay – The Details

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re ready for this Saturday’s fun.

Teams have been allocated and details are below.  We have 11 awesome teams.  Please remember if you drop out now then you leave your teammates with your sections to cover, so please show up your team needs you! 🙂  If our calculations (and your time estimates) are correct, each team should finish within 90 seconds of each other, with overall team time in the region of 3hrs ish, so this should make for an exciting conclusion.  Please remember this is not a race (as such), it’s a chance to practice each discipline and meet clubmates and have fun! We will not be timing individuals but we will keep track of each team’s overall time.

Arrive – 7.30  we want to have things underway by 8 am, so please arrive with sufficient time to meet your teammates and discuss the team plan.  There will be a briefing just before 8.If you haven’t been to Dorchester sailing club before then the address is    – Abingdon Rd, Dorchester, Wallingford OX10 7LP

Parking– we should have enough space but we need to be thoughtful of where we park as not only will this be our general transition area but the Sailing club members will also be on site from approx 9.30 onwards. We will try to co-ordinate parking on the day to make best use of space.

Format -each team member to take turns to swim then take turns to bike and then, yes you guessed it, take turns to run.

Changeovers – there will be no baton or any requirement to physically touch (for obvious reasons!) We will have change-over zones marked out and both teammates must be in that zone for the change-over to count.

Facilities– we will have access to the club house for toilets but no showers.

Your first swimmer needs to be ready to swim at the water’s edge at 8 am.

Swim – 1 clockwise lap approx 450 meters. Map below. Apologies for the bad drawing! Bring tow floats and we will confirm on the day if you need to use it.

Sarah’s Top Paint Skills

Bike –  17.6 k (1 lap) course. Please review via link below and download to Garmin if you can, as there will be limited marshals.  The course is straightforward and if you’re familiar with the roads there should be no issue!  Just remember it’s anti-clockwise. There are a few sharp blind bends but we ask that you ride your bike as you would on a normal ride i.e if you can’t see around a bend then slow down!  As always please remember you are on open roads and therefore you must obey the normal rules of the road.
Relay bike route

Run –  out and back (route below) 4k
Relay run route

Post-event social-
 we have got beers, cider, and soft drinks on ice so please stay afterward if you can.  It’s been a long time since so many of us were in one place! There is no formal plan for food.  If you wish to bake and share cake or anything then that is of course welcome.  Or bring your lunch to eat at the lake.  Or indeed just stop for a quick beverage if you can.

Any questions let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Your Captains.

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