vBaRTT 2021 number 2

90 spaces available

What is it? Bike 20k on an indoor trainer then straight into an outdoor 5k out and back run (treadmill fine also, but needs to be used every time)
Distances don’t have to be as stated, the league table is a points system based on improvements from your own prior performance, so all that matters is that you repeat the same course (whatever distance you choose) each month.
In terms of kit, an indoor bike trainer with some ability to measure distance travelled and run shoes. We do use Zwift for those that do, but absolutely not necessary, and then finally we do all hook up on zoom for a bit of collective banter and camaraderie.
If you can’t join in person for whatever reason we can always accept results from a few days before or after each event 👍


Date(s) - 20/11/2021 - 09:00-11:00


Zoom details will be emailed & visible upon sign up

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