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Club rides are currently running on an informal basis. These rides are member organised (non coached) club sessions.

Any club member is welcome to offer rides and these should be posted on the club Facebook page. We encourage all confident riders to offer rides from time to time on local routes that they are familiar with.

As an informal Ride Organiser ideally you will be riding a route that you know well and will maintain a pace that is close to the advertised pace and suitable for everyone on the ride. We recommend posting your planned ride on Facebook a day or so beforehand including information as below:

1 – An indication of proposed pace and distance. You can use the suggested pace and distance guidelines below or offer whatever you prefer.

2 – A basic idea of route and direction. If you have a Strava, Garmin etc route then by all means include this but it is not essential.

3 – Meet up time and place. We recommend the traditional club start at Oxsrad at 9.15 am on Sunday mornings but you can offer whatever start time and meet-up that suits you.

4 – Number of riders. Group sizes are no longer restricted but we recommend maintaining a limited size group for the time being. Six or perhaps 8 riders including the Ride Organiser is recommended. State how many riders you want on your ride and ask members to join by commenting on your post. We will not be operating sign-up on the website calendar for the time being.

Ride Organisers are not responsible for group safety or instruction. This remains the individual responsibility of all riders and a condition of joining any group rides will be an adhering to Covid-19 specific guidelines as well as the Highway Code and the Club’s own Group Riding Guidelines (here: . By joining a ride you will be deemed to accept these. Anyone not following guidelines may be asked to leave the ride.

To all members, we hope that you will support Ride Organisers by joining offered rides.

The ride organisers will stick to the above average speeds and distances and will ensure the pace is adjusted to suit everyone in the group but please select the ride you wish to do based on your current levels of fitness and that you are comfortable with. If you are not sure then we suggest you contact the Ride Organiser or chose a slower ride until you are confident of maintaining advertised pace.

If you don’t see rides being offered that suit you then please consider Organising and posting a ride yourself – chances are there are other members thinking the same and looking to join a similar paced ride!

Happy Riding!

Suggested Club Ride pace and distance guidelines

Steady, 17 – 21 kph (11 – 13 mph), typically 25 – 40 km (15 to 25 miles)

Medium Short, 21- 24 kph (13 – 15 mph), typically 40 – 65 km (25 to 40 miles)

Medium Long, 24- 28 kph (15 – 17 mph), typically 65 – 90 km (40 to 55 miles)

Fast, 28 kph+ (17 mph),


Date(s) - 28/11/2021 - 09:15-12:00


Oxsrad Sports Centre

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