Online Yoga for Triathletes

92 spaces available

On the online ‘Yoga for triathletes’ our instructor Rebecca will teach a set series class where students will learn a joint warm up, a sun salutation series, asana practice and relaxation/meditation. The classes are dynamic, building strength and flexibility while releasing tension from the body. The classes are open to all abilities: variations will be given for beginners and more advanced students. The sessions will follow a similar format each week enabling participants to learn the movements, and cultivate a practice that they can then incorporate into their everyday home routine.
Session Safety
– Please ensure the space your training from at home is safe. Make sure the floor area is non-slip and any potential obstructions are out of the way.
– Please don’t participate if you have, or suspect you have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains.
– Please ensure someone is aware you are training and can help in an emergency.
– Note sessions are streamed using Zoom and we don’t control the security of either Zoom or the other participant. – Consider the view of your house could be made public, if appropriate don’t join the video stream and use a nick name.


Date(s) - 30/11/2021 - 18:30-19:30


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