We offer lots of pool based swim sessions, which generally last 1-1.5 hours. The sessions generally start with a gentle warm up, followed by swim drills to improve technique, then a main set to develop endurance/speed and ending with a warm down.

At peak times of the year, we implement a compulsory sign up for swim sessions via the website to ensure we don’t exceed the pool capacity. Please use the links in the calendar to sign up for sessions.

Oxford Tri welcomes people of all abilities whether you are new to triathlon or an experienced athlete.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate non-swimmers at the coached swim sessions. The club coaches can help develop and improve technique but will not be able to teach fundamentals during sessions.

We ask that members (including trial members) are able to swim a minimum of 400m (16 lengths).  As a guideline this distance would be covered in approximately 12 mins with at least 100m swum non stop.  Front crawl is the preferred triathlon stroke but breast stoke is acceptable.  Meeting this standard will ensure members benefit from the sessions and most importantly have fun and enjoy themselves. If you are not currently at this level we can recommend appropriate swimming classes from local ASA approved instructors. Occasional sessions will be run aimed at the more novice swimmers.

A basic understanding of simple swim drills is useful, but not essential. Please also familiarise yourselves with the lane etiquette policy (attached below for download).