In addition to the pool sessions we run throughout the year, during Summer (typically mid-April to the late-September) we also run open-water swimming (OWS) sessions.

A few things you should know before you attend one of our OWS sessions:

  • OWS sessions are for club members only – for safety reasons, prospective members cannot attend
  • You should (as a minimum) be confident swimming at least 400m non-stop
    • If you are new to OWS or lack confidence, please let the Safety Officers on the day know and they will buddy you up with a more experienced swimmer
  • Tow floats and hats are mandatory, wet suits are optional (although advised)
  • This is an uncoached session
  • Sign-up is required

Our OWS sessions take place at Dorchester Sailing Club. There is plenty of parking there. Our agreement with the Sailing Club includes the use of the changing rooms or toilets in the clubhouse but it is everybody’s responsibility to leave them in the same state we found them therefore always clean after yourself.

We require 1 Safety Officer per session – if these are not in place then the session cannot go ahead. You can volunteer to be a Safety Officer by signing up via the Calendar (as with sign-up for our other sessions). If those attending OWS sessions regularly volunteer twice in the season, and those who swim occasionally volunteer once, then we will have enough cover.